Forever Home: A Series on Older Houses

Have you decided to make a pre-1960 house your “forever home?”

These historic homes are an integral part of our streetscape. They’ve been around “forever” and we hope they’ll continue to endure.

I know owning one of them has its share of challenges. That’s why I’ve partnered with Culture Summerside and Holland College to offer a series of lectures and a workshop to help you preserve, maintain and heat your historic house.


Tuesday, October 29 – Heating an Historic Home in a Modern Era – Heating older homes is a hot topic. We’ll discuss energy audits, making your home more energy efficient, prioritizing your work list, and getting the best return for your dollar. And
leave lots of time for questions!
Josh Silver, Instructor, Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program and Blair Arsenault and Daryl Hardy, Instructors, Energy Systems Engineering Technology Program, Holland College

Tuesday, November 5 – Planning Ahead to Manage Your Home’s Health – How do you make home maintenance manageable? Starting with a backgrounder on how your historic home was designed and constructed, we’ll talk about identifying problem areas, routine maintenance, budgeting, etc. You’ll come away with the beginning of a maintenance plan for your home!
Trevor Young, Trevor Young Carpentry Services Inc. and Josh Silver, Instructor, Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program

Tuesday, November 12 – Your House’s “Skin”: Wooden Shingle and Clapboard Siding – The exterior cladding of your house is designed to protect it from the elements. Learn about maintenance, detecting issues, repair, and when and when not to D.I.Y.!
Brian MacIsaac and Donnie Brown, Instructors, Carpentry Program, Holland College

All lectures will be held at 7 p.m. at the Lefurgey Cultural Center, 205 Prince Street, Summerside.

Cost for each lecture is $25 individual or $40 couple. Registration is required as space is limited.



Saturday, November 2 – Window and Entranceway Restoration – This hands-on workshop is designed to give homeowners the skills needed to perform basic repairs to wooden windows and doorways. Perfect for the do-it-yourself type!
Trevor Young, Trevor Young Carpentry Service Inc. and Brian MacIsaac, Instructor, Carpentry Program, Holland College

Workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the carpentry shop, Holland College Waterfront Campus, 98 Water Street, Summerside. Cost is $50 per individual. Registration is required as space is limited to 12 participants.

Register in advance on Eventbrite –